Who We Are

 The legitimacy and guidelines of the institute shall be in accordance to the structure of other federal government institutions in Somalia. The institute will provide health information based on evidences to the Ministry of Health so that information provided are translated in to policies that will better the life of many deprived Somalis.

NIH having been established in December 2013 by the Minister of Health, will further seek the validation from the Council of Ministers so that it becomes fully-fledged government agency in the Health Portfolio, and will be further approved through Parliament Act. The institute is managed by its director and has a unique dual role, serving as head of NIH and public health advisor to the Ministry of Health, as well as leading public health professional, with the authority to communicate directly with the public on public health issues. The Institute is in its inception phase and is currently run by health professionals with diverse expertise on voluntary basis. The staff consists of public health professionals, scientists, technicians, communicators, administrators, and policy analysts and planners. Staff members are located in Mogadishu office, while some staffs from Diasporas are lobbing for the supports and building partnership for the institute from other public health institute across the world.