Scope of Work

Work Scope of the Institute

  • Provide evidence based advice to the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MOH&HS) and also to the Regional health Authorities and nutrition and also act as the national reference laboratory for infectious diseases.
  • Collaborate with relevant government ministries and government agencies to plan communication strategies on public health issues and outbreak response
  • Investigate epidemics and other communicable diseases and strengthen surveillance of these diseases
  • Conduct research with relevance to prevention and control of diseases of public health importance in Somalia and beyond
  • Enhance quality control/assurance of laboratory procedures  
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of public health policies as relevant and develop guidelines for consideration
  • Provide training and capacity building to health personnel and develop public health workforce in the areas of its domain
  • Strengthen collaboration cross border and regional public health emergencies.
  • Other mandates that are allocated to the institute by the MOH&HS.